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eCommerce content strategy development for targeted traffic & bigger sales. Digital marketing strategy and content development.


Digital content development for B2B/B2C companies, eCommerce businesses, and digital marketing agencies.


Social media content strategy for stronger engagement, more followers, and increased traffic.

8 years of content writing, editing, and management experience.

SEO content. Blogs. Whitepapers. Marketing copy. General site content. 
 If it’s on the web, chances are I can write it (or manage it, or edit it, or enhance it).

Content that drives results

I started writing web content nearly a decade ago. Beginning with blogs, and then eventually progressing to 700+ page eCommerce websites, it’s safe to say I know a thing or two about content. 


Eight years of content writing experience. Blogs, marketing copy, general site content, product listings, whitepapers, SEO content, and more.


Extensive SEO and keyword research skills. Able to craft strategies that increase organic traffic from search engines and social media.


WordPress administration. Shopify management. Amazon management. Content management across numerous platforms and CMSs.


Editing content for enhanced SEO. Restructuring web content. Rewriting content for increased conversions and targeted traffic via search. 

Happy Clients



TummyToys is an established eCommerce retailer based in Boston, MA. When I started contracting for them in February 2017, their website was last updated in 2013. Content strategy was non-existent, and social channels were flailing for relevancy. My goal coming in was to revitalize their digital presence and increase their targeted traffic. Read below for an overview of what I achieved. 


Migrated 500+ pages to Shopify. Created new design. Restructured for SEO. Organic traffic has seen a significant increase in monthly volume.


Revamped 400+ product listings across 3 sales channels for increased internal search rankings. Product description restructuring.


Created social media strategy from scratch. Grew Instagram from 350 followers to over 4,500 in one year. Managed several successful PPC marketing campaigns.


Moved from Constant Contact to Klaviyo. Implemented technical segmentation of main email list according to customer behavior and spending patterns. 

Client Testimonials

Don’t take my word for it – here’s what some of my past clients are saying:

We were most impressed with his in depth knowledge of content optimization. Working with our PPC team he was able to strategically improve CTR and ROI month on month with very tangible results – all due to his keen insight into the nuances of the audience that we were targeting and the content that resonated with them. 

Andrew H.

I had the pleasure of working with Greg on a web development project over the course of a few months and was very impressed with his knowledge of content creation and management. Over that period of time he consistently produced excellent work and was highly focused on achieving the goal of the project. 

Ting C.

Greg was able to take some very boring facts and information and turn it into compelling and action producing (150% uptick in inquiries) content. All the while, listening to our, sometimes, conflicting requests and meeting our individual expectations. I would highly recommend Greg for his impactful writing skills.

Joe P.

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