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log file analysis for seo

Technical SEO: Log File Analysis and Crawl Budgets

Analyzing a website’s log files involves downloading specific files from the site’s server, and then analyzing the raw data for insight into specific activities. In terms of SEO, this mainly relates to bot crawls. However, you’ll also be able to view both human and bot requests in the server log. This specific file is also…
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Content Paralysis: Why Brands Aren’t Making Enough Content

Volume of creative is one of the most important aspects of any marketing or awareness strategy. How many times do you post quality content? How much influencer marketing are you doing? How many articles, whitepapers, podcasts, videos, and visuals are you producing per day? High-Volume Content Creation There’s so much content on the internet that…
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Email Segmentation Strategies for eCommerce: Behavioral-Based Segments

If you’re not tailoring your email marketing campaigns in the current digital landscape to each of your specific customer bases, you’re losing out on sales. Inboxes have never been as cluttered as they currently are, which is bad news for those of us who are tasked with driving traffic (and sales) through email marketing campaigns.…
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Top 5 eCommerce SEO Mistakes

One of the most common viewpoints shared by eCommerce retailers (especially among small businesses), is the misconception that by merely uploading their products to their site, they’ll immediately start getting organic search engine traffic. Unfortunately, eCommerce SEO doesn’t exactly work like that. You need a strategy. You need optimized content. You probably need help. Doing…
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6 eCommerce Site Migration Tips

Last month I undertook a large site redesign and migration for an eCommerce client of mine. Their previous website was last updated in 2012, wasn’t SEO friendly at all, and had a poorly thought out UI/UX. When I took them on as a client (initially for content work), I recommended they update their site design…
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