Content Paralysis: Why Brands Aren’t Making Enough Content

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Content Paralysis: Why Brands Aren’t Making Enough Content

Volume of creative is one of the most important aspects of any marketing or awareness strategy. How many times do you post quality content? How much influencer marketing are you doing? How many articles, whitepapers, podcasts, videos, and visuals are you producing per day?

High-Volume Content Creation

There’s so much content on the internet that you could never over-saturate the market, even if you made 99 pieces of content per day about yourself.

Pushing quality content (at volume) is the single best way to succeed in the current digital landscape. This applies to social media, blogs, videos, etc.

You’re fighting for the attention of your demographic, which is already overloaded with thousands of pieces of content per day. Volume of creative is the number one way to gain attention (and then convert that attention into sales, leads, contracts, etc).

So, why aren’t you producing a high amount of content? 

People think that their social media posts need to be worthy of a Clio. They don’t.

You’re not posting enough because you want your content to be perfect, which is why your growth is the definition of stagnation. If you have the budget and manpower for this, then great.

Most brands don’t. Most brands are under-performing on social, and those that aren’t under-performing have already figured most of this out.


Insecurity is a killer, especially in business. Because you care more about having media that you personally like, that you think is perfect, as opposed to what will actually get your audience’s attention. This is what this really boils down to.

Yes, quality content is essential, but if creating quality content paralyzes the growth of your business, then what’s the point?

Most businesses don’t even understand what quality content is to begin with. This is especially true of businesses transitioning from a traditional model to a digital one. Fish out of water is an understatement.

Social Attention

In regards to social media, attention is vastly underpriced at the moment. Social ads are undervalued by nearly every business out there, but this is going to change fairly soon.

If you brand isn’t taking advantage of this moment, you’re losing out on a massive opportunity to build brand equity (and increase revenue) for pennies on the dollar.

Most brands with competent advertising departments already know this, and the rest will eventually follow suit.